Senta = Latin: Conquering / Norse: Truth / Germanic: Journey
Dorothea = Latin and Greek:
Gift of God
Kirschner = Origin: Kürschner =
Furrier, Peltmonger, Skinner

Born in Munich, Germany, with Hungarian heritage, I was raised and grew up on the line of three countries: Germany, France and the USA.

My Hungarian inheritance taught me always to be seeking on the basis of emotions,
My German part gave me the gift of discipline and the ability to use my intellect as a place of repose,
The most wonderful childhood that I was gifted to spend in France gave me the famous Savoir Vivre with all its pleasures,
And my adolescence and young adulthood in The States gave me the consciousness of freedom.

But the real gift came from my parents. Foremost, my life itself for which I am very grateful. They have granted me with an education with some crucial keystones:
Whatever you do, do it 150%,
Always keep being hungry for the unknown,
Seek for what makes you happy,
Know that life is a journey…it is not about reaching your end goal, it is about the journey towards your aims and desires,
Stay true to yourself,
Never stand still,
Your home is in your heart and your heart is your home.

On my lives journey so far I have met so many inspiring people along the way where humbleness and gratitude on both sides were and are the driving force.
And, lucky me, I have also seen the other side of the medal. So life taught me (so far):
It is your choice on which side of the medal you look…you always have the opportunity to flip it,
Life gives endless chances to do it better than before, take these chances,
Love is always the mainspring, so LOVE.

I discovered my passion at the young age of three when I started to dance ballet. My dearest memories are the performances at the Prinzregententheater in 1988 with the Heinz-Bosl-Stiftung (Munich’s ballet academy), my participation in the DANCE OF THE LITTLE MOORISH SLAVES at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Guiseppe Verdi’s AIDA production and, last but not least, the annual performances of the ballet academy at the Bayerische Staatsoper. My favorite choreography was from Hans van Manen.

In high school I discerned theater. I had this wonderful teacher who accompanied my class from 5th grade to our last exams and he conducted the theater group. I started out with performing little dances in between the acts of the annual production but soon I was given a role: Beatrice in Carlo Goldoni’s THE SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS.
We have played all the classic pieces up and down and traveled to Tuscany each summer to a camp together with the school’s orchestra and we performed wherever we could, on village squares, vineyards and local sightseeing spots, wherever a lot of people gathered.

At the age of eight I had the luck to play my first part in a TV production about the life and work of Maria Innocentia Hummel who created the famous porcelain Goebel figures.

I am lucky that my life from an early age on fell into place. I have a clear image of the big picture. I am so grateful to be able to say that my profession is my vocation is my mission and my calling.

I hope to meet you within my professional travel along the way somewhere someplace!
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